Daryl Selby : Tributes from the players


Obviously I have spent a lot of time with Daryl lately so was privy to this but will definitely be sad to see yet another of our generation hang up their (PSA) racket.

Daryl has had an amazing career reaching top 10 in the world and winning the National Championship in 2011.

He still is an amazing team player and would be one of the first names on the team sheet if I was naming an England team that I’ve played in.

Always amazing company, and a good friend, I’m sure Daryl will remain heavily involved in the sport. I wish him all the best for one last hurrah in the Commonwealth Games next summer.


Daryl has always been one of the smartest players I have played against on Tour. He is very smart in the way he places the ball around the court and how he absorbs his opponents, and his defensive game is flawless. So is his movement.

I always watch his movement on court and try to understand how he can be so effective and efficient. He is one of the best players to learn from when it comes to movement.

I have watched a lot of his matches and seen a lot of his big wins as he made it the world top 10. We have enjoyed a lot of big matches at a lot of different venues and it’s always nice to share the court with him.

Even his dad Paul was also very supportive of my squash and advised me when I was young. He happily shared what he saw and what I needed, and Daryl was also willing to share advice whenever I asked him for it.

We have always got on really well, both as competitors on court and off court as well.

I haven’t seen much of him recently so it will be nice to see him play at Canary Wharf one last time this year.


The first time I played Daryl was back in 2006 when I was only 18, and for the following 15 years we’ve had some crazy long matches that went both ways.

He’s definitely one of the most skilful English players on tour and his rise to the World’s top 10 has been truly impressive.

He’s also helped Team England win the World Teams title back in 2013 (by beating me :D). Add to that his achievements at the Commonwealth Games, he must be really proud of everything he’s accomplished in the game.


I have known Daryl since the junior days, playing him at the British junior open under-17 quarter finals in Sheffield. I still remember our first match 🙂

It has been an honour to share the court numerous times either on the PSA World Tour, the European or World Teams, and in exhibitions.

Watching him growing, improving his game to reaching the top 10, Daryl has always been a rock while playing with the England shirt too and got to become a World and European champion many times with the team.

He can really be proud of all his achievements, and I want to congratulate him for all of them.

I really liked the way he was moving on the court, very smooth, great counter and smart tactically.

There was always a surprising trick shot that could come from anywhere at any time in a match.

We also had great/fun moments outside the court. He is a great lad to hang out with and loves to share his passion for squash with anyone.

Looking forward to seeing him again and wishing the best for his after career.


Daryl was one of the best movers that I played with. His movement, his hold and his basic game was something special. His pure talent and personality made happy so many crowds around the world and specially here in Canary Wharf.

Daryl was one of my toughest opponents since juniors until now!! But also one of the nicest guys that I met in squash. I hope he enjoy so much this Canary Wharf edition and all the crowd show him all the affection that he deserves.

(Daryl and Borja are the two oldest competitors at Canary Wharf this year. Daryl was 39 last week and Borja is 38.)


The day had to come but I honestly must say that it’s still extremely sad. It’s probably now just Daryl, James Willstrop and Borja Golan still holding the torch for that generation.

It really is sad to see them go because we’ve grown up watching them and looking up to them. In terms of manners, before even the style of play, Daryl is very well known for his attacking skills and coming up on the shot of the month competition month after month.

His attitude and how he carries himself on and off the court have always been great and it’s something that we’ve all learned from, so it’s really sad to see him go.

I’ve also had the privilege to serve with him on the board of the PSA and see how passionate he is about the game, so everyone will be sad to see him leave but we are very excited to see him still involved in the sport.